Quick Guide to Moral Mondays in North Carolina

Yesterday two friends asked me what Moral Mondays are about.  Perhaps you don’t know either.  Here is a quick guide to what’s going on in North Carolina. The NACCPNC has organized weekly nonviolent protests in Raleigh because they find recent shifts in local politics to be undemocratic for the following reasons: Cuts to public school … Continue reading

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Who Is My Neighbor And the Fantasy of Heroism

The question has almost become trite, “And who is my neighbor?”  The majority of churched Christians have heard the story of “The Good Samaritan.”  They know that they should love others as themselves.  Like the good Samaritan, Christians should help those in need.  Unlike the Levite and priest who professed piety but left a man … Continue reading

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The Old “I’m Sorry That You Were Hurt By Why I Said” Routine

The New Face of Paternalism: acknowledging one’s outdated method and harmful history, while preserving a position of enlightenment and leadership. Today, what has been deemed the primary and largest “ex-gay ministry” issued an apology.  Alan Chambers, President of Exodus International is sorry: But, what exactly is he sorry about? Chambers acknowledges the “hurt” that … Continue reading


Bromances with Benefits

Bromance with Benefits At 17 years old, South African author Damon Galgut wrote A Sinless Season.  Set in a reformatory for boys (oddly on beachfront property), Galgut’s mystery lured me into reading disturbing acts of violence.  Picturing the beatings, rapes, degradation, animal cruelty, murders, and suicide forced me to ask in what way these events … Continue reading


Happy Wife, Happy Life?

I’m a sucker.  I admit it.  On more than one occasion I have filled out a lengthy survey greedily anticipating my $100 reward, only to find that it comes in the form of magazine subscriptions.  Duped, but committed, I’ve selected probably eight titles to flood our mailbox.  One in particular, Harper’s Bazar, fulfills my lust … Continue reading



Until recently I had never heard of Charlotte von Kirschbaum.  If I hadn’t purchased 10 books to read “for fun” on top of my required texts I would impulse buy Charlotte von Kirschbaum and Karl Barth: A Study in Biography and the History of Theology by Suzanne Selinger.  Despite her immeasurable contribution to Karl Barth’s … Continue reading


The Church

My father was my favorite conversation partner.  As an ardent atheist he challenged me to articulate my theology perspicaciously and without short cuts.  Despite our disparate beliefs, he intuited many Christian truths that Barth writes in chapter nine of his commentary on Romans.  I remember him pressing me that there was not a more fitting … Continue reading


Cozy Cold Case

On days when I feel the need for a rejuvenating nap I often lay down on the couch and turn on the TV in order to drown out my thoughts.  My show of choice is Snapped on the Lifetime Network, which documents women who murder their husbands.  Rather gruesome and disarming for my partner.  However, … Continue reading


Lent 2012

Dr. Jennings has his  class write weekly reflections on Karl Barth’s Commentary on Romans.  Here is my reflection on chapter 5 in conversation with the film Higher Ground. In typical form, chapter 5 of Barth’s commentary abounds in theological insight and nuance.  For this reflection I will limit my discussion to his complex yet vital … Continue reading


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